Framed Kite - 560mm x 1150mm

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Please note these photographs have been taken using a white fabric backdrop that can be seen in some images reflecting in the mirror.

  • Can be made to any size and in any finish.
  • Mirrors come fitted with D-ring hangers as standard.

Size as seen in image: 560mm x 1150mm

Antiqued mirror finish: Light Mottle

Frame: 6mm black and waxed wooden trim

Special one off offer: One mirror, as seen in image at a reduced price!

Please note: The level of distressing and the brightness of the silvering does vary from day to day and our images and samples are only an indication of what finish your mirror will eventually have. It being a handmade process, no two pieces can be the same. Antiqued Mirror always endeavours to match expectations as best as possible, but cannot guarantee a direct match and cannot accept liability for variations between samples and the finished product.